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Holiday Home Improvement Tips

Holiday Home Improvement Tips

Holiday excitement is sure to be abound as fall and winter start knocking on your door. Family and other visitors are due to arrive for holiday gatherings, making now the perfect time to complete some small home improvements to help wow your guests this year.

We’re not just talking about doing a deep clean or fluffing up your pillows—we’re talking about choosing one or two sizable (but realistic) projects that will put you well on your way to transforming your home into its picture-perfect self, ready to host all of your family and friends for the holidays! Here are the home improvement projects we recommend to help pave the way for a more refreshing holiday experience this year.

Break Out the Paint

Whether it’s a door or an entire room that’s in need of painting, adding a fresh coat of paint will immediately revitalize the feel of your home. The same holds true for your home’s exterior, and fall in Louisiana is still generally warm enough that it’s not too troublesome to work outdoors. Remember, you’ll only have until the temperature dips down to 50 degrees before paint becomes more difficult to work with.

Make Some Kitchen Updates

Other than living and dining rooms, the majority of holiday activities typically occur in the kitchen. Making a few changes, such as cabinet refurbishment or replacing cabinet hardware can update your kitchen space without give that sense of a kitchen remodel without having to commit to a full renovation so close to the holidays. Some other ideas for quick kitchen updates include adding a vibrant backsplash, installing glass tiles for a bit of upscale style or potentially replacing countertops with their quartz counterparts.

Install New Molding

Crown molding provides the perfect accent to any room in your home. It’s a relatively quick project that can subtly highlight the architectural aspects of the room, while giving it a bit of flare as well. Don’t feel restricted to just the ceiling either; applying geometric shapes at any elevation of your home can help improve interest and create depth. For more on installing your crown molding, check out HGTV’s easy-to-follow instructions here.

Inspect the Fireplace

Even if you’ve only used your fireplace once before, having it inspected is necessary in order to continue using it safely. Hire an industry professional to conduct a full sweep for buildup in the chimney that can ignite if left untreated. Also, be sure that none of the masonry of the fireplace is damaged or that any of the flue caps are missing.

Install a TV Over the Fireplace

Over the past few years, Louisiana hasn’t seen much weather that calls for fireplaces. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the ambiance of a warm, crackling fire. Adding a television over your fireplace can provide a space that is cozy, fashionable and entertaining – all with one update!

Install Energy-Saving Windows

This update is more for you than it is your guests, but your energy bills will thank us later. Don’t let the weather outside dictate the temperature inside—installing energy-saving windows can help keep you, your guests AND your wallet comfortable!

Update the Backyard

Unless it’s raining, there’s a good chance your guests will venture outside during holiday gatherings. Now is the best time to build a new outdoor deck to help support social activities or simply revitalize your gathering area with some updated patio furniture. Updating your backyard can also greatly increase the value of your home, which not only makes it a great project to wow incoming guests but also a great investment, period.

No matter what kind of project you choose to work on before the upcoming holidays, it’s important to consider the total costs and timeline of these projects in order for them to be ready for the holidays. Making a few quick, cost-effective home improvements can be the perfect way to impress your guests this holiday season!


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