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Outdoor Summer Prep: Grilling Season

Outdoor Summer Prep: Grilling Season

Summertime is here again, and that means that it’s time to prepare your outdoor spaces

and gear up your grills. You can accomplish a whole list of simple tasks to spruce up your patio and bring life into your backyard. Give that grill a scrub and elevate your landscaping to make this grill season your best one yet! At Doug Ashy, we want you to be able to get your outdoor space ready fast, safely, and with minimum hassle. To that end, we’ve prepared a guide to revamp your outdoor grilling space that will get you ready to host barbecues all summer long.

Give your Grill a Good Cleaning

First things first, it's time to scrub all that dirt, grime, and leftover grease. A dirty grill will end your grilling season before it begins. The built up dirt can lead to funky tasting food filled with bacteria, mold farms, and even rodents. The best way to kick off a great summer grilling season is to give that grill a thorough cleaning to share a meal with family and friends.

Although we have various types of grills available, the process of cleaning your grill is the same. Giving your grill a gentle scrub at every use lessens the heavier build up and prevents more expensive and tedious maintenance further down the line. Avoid using harsh chemicals while you clean as it can linger and have effects on your food. Below is a list of items found on our website to make your grill gleam again.

You will need:

  • long gloves (Showa Atlas coated gloves)

  • disposable sponges/ rags

  • long handle wire brush (PURDY 140910200 long wire brush)

  • wire bottle brush (Forney 70485 tube brush)

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • warm water with dawn soap

  • cleaning vinegar with baking soda

  • stainless steel cleaner (Sprayway SW841 retail cleaner and polish)

Provide Shade

Don't you want to glamorize your backyard with a hospitable spot for you and your guests to come together and celebrate each others company. Pergolas bring relief from the summer heat to your patio and grill space. They are often made with wood, vinyl, or aluminum. The most popular styles:

  • An open-roof pergola provides excellent shade while allowing for air circulation

  • A steel pergola provides great shade as well as having the durability to endure harsher weather conditions

  • Retractable canopies can be added to provide full shade coverage on very sunny days

Their elegant structure brings a stylish touch to your outdoor space. Add charm with extra touches such as hanging plants and string lights. A pergola will spice up your yard while beating the summer heat.

Hit the Deck

Revive your backyard by elevating your grill space! A deck rail is a perfect way to add something fresh while also ensuring safety. The most important features of any deck railing are style, material and performance. Our three favored materials are composite, wood, and metal, but you can also construct glass and cable railings.

Composite deck railings are the most commonly installed thanks to its numerous advantages. Its material is a mixture of particles such as plastic, sawdust, and mulch. Making it very durable even in harsh weather conditions. It is less costly than wood and requires no additional maintenance. However, if the railing is damaged you will need to replace the entire board unlike natural wood. Installation on this kind of railing is not demanding and can be accomplished in one afternoon.

Wood deck railings are the most traditional. We offer four wood species to customize and fit to your style:

  • Pressure Treated Lumber

  • Cedar

  • Mahogany

  • Redwood

Pressure treated Lumber is most commonly used for outdoor projects, as it stand against moisture without fading over time. This material can be utilized for all kinds of designs. Cedar is undoubtedly one of the most durable materials. The beautiful wood grain is pest and rot resistant. This wood will need to be treated around every two years but is otherwise maintenance free. Mahogany will bring you a unique color unlike any other wood material. There are different species within this type of wood and some are naturally rot resistant while others are not. Redwood's durability makes it a naturally resistant to insects. Its ability to withstand UV rays assist in keeping the rich red color to last for years.

If you are going for more of a contemporary or non-traditional look, a metal deck railing is right for you. We suggest using one of the following metal materials:

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Wrought Iron

Steel is very durable for a metal material, however it can become very vulnerable to rusting in continual sun exposure. There are coatings that can be added to create barriers and prevent rusting. If rust is a concern, aluminum is a better choice as it is rust resistant and can take harsher weather conditions without additional upkeep. Wrought iron is an alluring metal thats is used in more traditional styled homes. However, there are no protective coating so rusting and corrosion are expected.

Refresh your Landscape

While mowing the lawn is a good start to spruce up your outdoor space, going the extra step can bring even more life into your backyard. If you want to get those hard to reach places your mower can't go, you will need a string trimmer. Removing that hidden grass from along fences, under the deck, and around shrubs returns that crisp look to your yard.

The three most popular are electric, cordless, and gas string trimmers. If you’re about to tackle an outdoor trimming job, you need to choose the right unit for you in order to safely operate it. The first step is to determine the trimmer based upon the size and needs of the lawn. The style of trimmer should also be considered. For instance, straight-shaft trimmers are used for easy maneuvers in higher areas, where curved-shaft trimmers are fit for areas such as flower beds. Once you choose your trimmer, take the time to read over the instructions as it will have more specific guidance based on that particular model. Once you master basic trimming techniques, your outdoor cleanup will become a breeze, and you may even find yourself having fun doing it.

Head over to any of our locations today and let us help you bring bigger and better barbecues!


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