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Breaking Down the Modern Farmhouse

Breaking Down the Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse isn’t so much a look as it is an aesthetic. Call it the “fixer upper” effect or call it “shabby chic.” Both movements have a place in what constitutes the modern farmhouse. The aesthetic is more of a decor trend than anything else and has its roots in the recession of the early 2000s, eschewing the excesses of the 1980s and harkening back to a simpler era when ownership was a humble ambition.

No matter what you call it, the modern farmhouse aesthetic has a number of common, homey elements that tie it together. If you want to achieve it, look for the following.

Front Porch

This element is perhaps the most defining, and maybe the most endearing of the modern farmhouse movement, as it harkens back to a simpler time. Most, if not all farmhouses have a front porch, with some even wrapping around three sides of the structure.

A lot of farmhouse living is done outdoors, which is why big porches with overhangs became popular. They can also provide a cooling effect by shielding a relaxation area from the sun while also allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors during rainy periods. Add a porch swing or two for a fully authentic touch.

Barn Lighting

This is another essential element that is also called gooseneck lighting as these fixtures have a long stem resembling the neck of a goose. Barn lighting is no longer relegated to barn areas and, in fact, has become a versatile, popular and energy-efficient choice thanks to the inclusion of LEDs bulbs.

The fixtures also have a unique ability to minimize light distribution through the use of rounded canopies. Contemporary barn lights come in a variety of fashion finishes, so they add a touch of modernity as well as old world charm to the modern farmhouse.

Big Open Kitchen

Just as the kitchen remains the center of operation for modern families, so it was in the traditional farmhouse. In fact, a modern farmhouse kitchen should be a big open area where many people can easily move through or spend time preparing massive amounts of food as well as eating home-cooked meals.

A large food preparation island is essential, but you won’t find it topped with marble or quartz. Instead, think wood along with matching wood countertops in a light shade. Add shaker cabinets or similar styles with clean lines as well as open shelves and racks for displaying dishes and large serving pieces.

Wooden or Paneled Walls

Traditional farmhouses were not built with plaster or drywall. Walls were made of wood and usually whitewashed or painted in a light color. To achieve this aesthetic, choose tongue-and-groove paneling along with shiplap and butt boards to add a down-home texture to walls. Another alternative is bringing board-and-batten siding indoors for a unique, updated look.

Wooden Doors, Beams and Plank Floors

Complete the look with reclaimed wooden beams in rooms with vaulted ceilings and floors with wide wooden planks, also of reclaimed wood. Thick, wooden sliding barn doors have also become very popular in living areas. These earthy, wooden touches will bring warmth to your farm home.

The staff at your local Doug Ashy store can help you find these essential elements to create your modern farmhouse. We’re your trusted partner in finding the plans and tools necessary for any type of renovation project.


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