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2017 DIY Mother’s Day Projects

2017 DIY Mother’s Day Projects

This year, think outside the box of chocolates or vase full of fresh flowers – surprise Mom with a home improvement project specially created for her! Here are some simple Mother’s Day project ideas for an extra special Mother’s Day.

A Raised Bed Garden

Making a 4-foot square raised bed garden box could be the perfect present this Mother’s Day —and it isn’t hard to do. Not to mention that the garden box helps prevent soil compaction, deters pests, eases drainage AND prevents pesky pathway weeds from getting into the garden’s soil. Just remember that this can’t be easily moved, so pick the perfect spot before you proceed! Make sure it’s able to get plenty of sunlight.

Tools needed:

  • Measuring tape

  • Electric or cordless drill

  • Rubber mallet

  • Level

  • Shovel

Materials for Garden:

  • 8 pieces of 4×6 wood

  • Heavy screws

  • Gravel or broken pottery for drainage

  • Bags of good topsoil

Once all of this is purchased, you are ready to assemble. This project will likely take one day to complete.


  1. Measure a square area to accommodate the wood and dig out the top layer of grass within the square plot.

  2. Arrange the lumber, end to end, inside the plot and tap together with the mallet. Check that they are level—if necessary, place pressure-treated wood shims under the timbers to level them.

  3. Drill and screw together the ends of the lumber. Then, repeat with the second layer of lumber on top of the first.

  4. Place a layer of gravel down inside the box. Fill the interior of the box with soil.

For additional help with this project, please refer to HGTV.

The Gift of Organization

An organized garage is a spring cleaning project that can take an entire weekend, so think about giving Mom the gift of organization this Mother’s Day. You may want to consider investing in a storage system to help keep her organized year round!

A slatwall organization system can be a great way to solve a garage’s organization issues while adhering to the limited space. Here are some ideas for slatwalls.

Each garage has its own unique specifications and has different organizational needs, so the amount of materials needed will vary. Don’t worry, our team can help you choose the types and number of hooks, baskets or shelves you will need! Simply measure the height and width of the wall and let our experts point you in the right direction.

Spruce Up the Patio

Warmer weather means much more time spent on your deck or patio. If you’re not apt in DIY, why not help to spruce up the patio so Mom can entertain guests in style?

Start by hosing off the patio surface to assess the condition. If you have a wood deck that needs resealing, we have the sealers and brushes you need to get the job done.

Bring out the furniture and give it a thorough cleaning. If you have wrought iron, slatted wood or wicker furniture, you might find that it needs scraping and repainting. Set up a cardboard windscreen and spray paint the iron or wicker with a quality enamel. A paint brush will work fine on slatted wood.

Check that your table umbrella is in good condition—if it’s worn, consider replacing it. The same goes for chair cushions, benches and chaises. If you’re going with a new look, you may want to get Mom’s approval on design choices!

Finally, use some nice clay pots, potting soil and colorful flowers to add that extra pop of color and vitality!

A Cozy Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to spend time and relax with Mom. Who doesn’t enjoy kicking their feet up and sitting around a cozy fire on a cool evening? A fire pit can actually be quite easy to construct with this simple pit design:

Tools needed:

  • Rubber mallet

  • Hand trowel

  • Spade

  • Level

Materials for Pit:

  • 112 clay bricks

  • Gravel for bottom of pit


  1. Choose a very level spot on the ground. Lay 12 bricks flat in a square shape on the ground. Place another layer around the perimeter of the first layer using 16 bricks. (Visit this video for additional help).

  2. Use the spade to mark the perimeter of the square. Then remove the bricks and dig out the grass to form a level pit area. Check with the level and even out with soil as needed.

  3. Dig a 12 inch-diameter x 12 inch-deep hole in the center of the pit and fill with gravel for drainage.

  4. Replace the double perimeter bricks inside the square. Then, stack 3 more layers on top of the bottom layer to build a perimeter wall. You need to stagger the joints and alternate the brick direction in each layer for stability. (Again, refer to this video for additional help). Use the mallet and level to align the bricks as you build up.

  5. Fill the bottom of the new pit with a layer of gravel, approximately 2 inches deep.

Now all that’s left is to relax with mom on a cool day!

Show Mom just how much you care by crafting something truly special this Mother’s Day. If you’ve been convinced to DIY this Mother’s Day, get the quality tools and supplies you need from Doug Ashy—the experts that’ll make sure mom has the extra special day she deserves!


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