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Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

Kids love to help out around the house. For a lot of parents, this means letting them help with simple chores and cooking, but for DIYers, this means letting them help with fun kid-friendly DIY projects!

Finding ways to include your kids in your next home project is a clear win-win situation; it lets you get something useful done around the house while keeping them entertained and introducing them to the wonderful world of DIY through kid-friendly activities.

Here are a few ideas we’ve compiled to get you and your family started on your next kid-friendly DIY project:

Paint a Room

Need a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom? Get the kids involved! This is a great project that even young children can help with. Provide a little instruction and supervision (along with plenty of drop cloths and old clothes), and let them have fun.

For younger children, it’s often best to let them help with a base coat and then complete the finishing touches yourself. Older children can be more involved throughout the process; you could even let them create a mural on part of the wall!

Make Stepping Stones

Homemade stepping stones add a personal touch to your garden or walkway. Choose a mold such as used pizza boxes, old baking pans or disposable food pans. Grab a bag of cement or mortar mix and mix it according to the directions. Fill the mold with prepared concrete, then let your kids decorate the stones. All kinds of things can be used for decoration in this kid-friendly DIY project:

  • Marbles

  • Shells

  • Small stones

  • Laminated pictures

Make A Bird Feeder

Making a homemade bird feeder for the backyard is a fun way to teach your kids about native birds while providing a source of food for friendly wildlife. This kid-friendly DIY project is easy and cheap to make too!

Simply glue a few small pre-cut pieces of wood together to form a shallow dish and fill it with seeds, nuts and other treats that local birds like to snack on. Then, hang it up via twine to a nearby branch or simply secure the fixture to a trunk and watch as your new feathered friends flock to your birdfeeder.

Get Doug Ashy Involved Too

There’s nothing we get more excited about than helping customers finish projects! Get us involved and we can recommend the perfect project and tools to turn your DIY project into a fun event the whole family can be a part of!


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