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9 Flooring Trends to Inspire Your 2024 Renovations

Man looking at different flooring samples

When it comes to picking out flooring for your home, it's always a good idea to get inspiration first for styles that fit your budget and space—and there’s no better place to look than emerging trends in the industry. Fuel your creativity for your next renovation project as you check out these 2024 flooring trends and learn about the different ways they can fit into your home's interior.

Top Flooring Trends for 2024

Trends come and go, but these 2024 flooring favorites of interior designers, homeowners and contractors alike offer timeless style and durability you’ll love for years to come. With a little innovation and technology, these freshened-up takes on classic design staples offer all the wow without sacrificing practicality.

Medium Brown Tones

Home entryway with medium brown wood flooring

Medium brown-tone wood floors have been gaining in popularity recently and for good reason. Brown wood is natural, versatile and incorporates the perfect touch of character to a newly renovated home, so it's hard to go wrong here. Opt for these rich hues to add an aesthetically pleasing balance of warmth and coziness to any space lacking depth and contrast. However, homeowners should be careful about using this kind of flooring in kitchens and bathrooms due to potential water damage. In water-prone areas of your home, a high-quality vinyl flooring material is best.

Extra-Wide Planks

Living room with extra-wide plank flooring

Extra-wide planks have been on the rise over the last few years not only for their ease in installation but for their ability to make any room look clean and minimalistic. There's not much difference compared with conventional planks when it comes to cost or upkeep so it’s a crowd-worthy design pick for any renovation budget. The fewer visible seams provide a cohesive look that gives you more room to be playful with other design elements throughout the space and are available in vinyl, wood and tile flooring.

White Oak

Kitchen eating area with white oak flooring

The natural bright hues of White Oak is a beaute of its own, but its ability to absorb stains and glosses so effortlessly puts this wood on the map for any homeowner looking to add their creative spin to a beloved classic. Don’t let its lightness fool you, though. This flooring material is still sturdy and receptive to chemical preservation so you can rest assured it can boast its natural luster for years to come.

Matte Finishes

Living room with sofa and matte finish flooring

Matte is defined by its light-absorbing properties. By limiting the amount of light reflecting from the surface, this type of finish has the power to turn any space into a sophisticated coastal oasis. Furthermore, matte finished woods are great at hiding defects, bumps and scratches much better than reflective finishes but they require more stringent maintenance to keep grit build up at bay. It’s a small price to pay for those who like the natural grain feel while wandering the house barefoot.

Patterned Tiles & Planks

Bathroom with large soaker tub an patterned tile flooring

The days of covering an entire room in neutral-colored carpeting haven't gone anywhere, but homeowners are taking things up a notch with textures and patterns that add visual interest and dimension. While there's nothing wrong with going for a universal-friendly look, patterned flooring helps keep a space from looking flat and muted. Read the room, get playful and embrace textures that feel complimentary with the accent elements.

Luxury Vinyl & Tiles

Galley kitchen with luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury tiles and vinyl planks are making a strong showing and this trend is likely to continue into the future. Advancements in digital printing technology, rigid cores and wearable layers have really expanded consumer options for imitation materials—making them more durable and realistic than ever before. Bonus? They’re easier to clean than most alternatives so daily maintenance is a breeze.

Wool Carpet

Bedroom with large exterior french doors and wool carpet flooring

We love a beautiful bedroom footed with the luxurious plushness of wool carpeting. It's a natural and renewable fiber that is biodegradable, cozy on the eyes and lush in feel—the epitome of a dream sanctuary designed for rest and relaxation. It's suitable for wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and just about anything else you have in mind to bring your personal retreat to life. To keep this material soft and looking its best, make sure to vacuum on a weekly basis and use specially-formulated cleaning products for wool carpeting.

Checkerboard Tile Flooring

dining room close up of checkerboard tile flooring

There's no flooring that is quite as classic and timeless as checkerboard tile. Making its debut as far back as 3000 BC, checkerboard tiles became a popular pick for American households in the 1920s, and homeowners haven't looked back ever since. In fact, our flooring experts don't foresee this trend having a shelf life at all. It offers the perfect dramatic contrast to compliment just about any design style, while still maintaining a striking, yet neutral foundation to build upon. To give this flooring concept a more modern and personal twist, we recommend substituting the traditional black for a more playful pop of color like a sage green or a soft blue. If you prefer the versatility of a more neutral palette, try swapping if for pewter grey to lighten the look without losing it's retro charm.

Terrazzo Flooring

kitchen with terrazzo tile flooring

We love a good comeback trend and terrazzo tiles are living up to its renewed hype in 2024! From the size of the aggregates to its color combinations, there are so many possibilities you can explore with these tiles. Go warm and sunny with oranges, pinks and greens or keep it classic with blacks, whites and greys. Regardless of your preferences, this tile design will strike the balance of texture and play for any space in need of a statement piece. To ensure a clean look that isn't too busy on the eyes, we recommend choosing larger tile sizes to avoid breaking up the pattern as much as possible.

Be Floored by Your Floors in 2024

The professional team at Doug Ashy is here to be your trusted partners whenever you face flooring design decisions best fitted for your space, budget and lifestyle. We are ready to help you select the perfect type and material to make your next renovation project your proudest one yet.

Contact us today to get started on your 2024 flooring renovation project!


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