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Tools and Tips for Organizing a Garage

Tools and Tips for Organizing a Garage

  • Garages get messy and cluttered because they’re commonly used places for storage.

  • Dedicate at least a day to organize your garage.

  • Save time by planning beforehand and by buying supplies.

  • Group items into like categories.

  • Utilize vertical space when organizing your garage by using hooks.

  • Try your hand at a DIY project to create custom-tailored storage equipment.

  • Stay on top of maintenance by designating spaces and planning around seasonal storage.

In spite of our best intentions, it seems like the garage is a magnet for clutter. The task of organizing a garage becomes increasingly daunting as the piles and piles of stuff grow, and what was once a convenient workplace and area for storage begins to feel less and less like a usable room. But don’t throw up your hands in despair! With the right preparation and planning, you can tackle the project of organizing your garage with ease. Here are a few ways to organize your garage to get you started.

Dedicate Time for the Garage

Organizing a garage is a big project, so be sure to set aside enough time for the task. It’s best if you can schedule at least a full day or even a couple of days back-to-back so that you don’t have to leave your garage cluttered for long. Word to the wise, choose a dry weekend if possible because you’ll probably need to pull things outside to make space!

Prepare Beforehand

Few things stall a project faster than making multiple trips to the store for additional supplies. Plan ahead so that when it comes time to organize your garage you can focus on the project at hand. Be sure to gather basic supplies such as:

  • Trash cans and bags

  • Empty boxes to hold donation items

  • Basic cleaning supplies

  • Plastic storage containers in a variety of sizes

  • Basic tools such as a tape measure, hammer, nails, cordless drill and screws

Group Like Items in Your Garage

Start organizing your garage by sorting things into categories of similar items; this helps make the process less overwhelming. Common categories include:

  • Gardening tools

  • Camping gear

  • Sports equipment

  • Recycling

  • Automotive equipment

  • Hand tools and power tools

  • Seasonal décor

Once you have groups of like items, focus on one category at a time. Consider how much of each group you have, such as gardening tools, and give it the appropriate space.

Think Vertically

Make the most of the available space in your garage by looking up. Cabinets, pegboards and overhead storage are great options for getting things off the ground. Hanging tools on racks help to keep your garage organized while also placing them out of the reach of small children. Adding hooks to your walls is a simple project that gives you many options.

Try a DIY Project

As mentioned above, simple cabinets and sturdy overhead storage make organizing your garage much easier. Putting together a set of shelves requires a minimal amount of wood and basic tools, but provides a lot more storage space. The best part about building your own storage is the ability to customize its function to fit your needs. With so many possibilities, DIY projects are a great way to keep your garage organized.

Keep Planning for Organizing

Consider how you use tools and items and how frequently you need them when filling storage cabinets and shelves. Put items that don’t get used often on the top and bottom shelves so that the middle is free for tools that you want easy access to. Outside of shelving, consider placing less used objects in areas that are further away from entry points while keeping frequently used items closer to doors for ease of access.

Designate the Space

Once organized, it’s important to have clearly defined spaces and sections in your garage. Help maintain organization in the future by creating areas for family members to drop off toys, sports supplies, bikes and more. This way, everyone in the family will actively contribute to keeping your garage neat and tidy without even realizing it! Don’t forget to set aside space for seasonal items that need to come in the garage when the weather changes—these are commonly overlooked items like furniture and decor that can easily create clutter if not accounted for year-round.

Doug Ashy Is Your Organizing Guide

When it comes to organizing your garage, you’re likely going to need supplies at some point during the process. Whether you need screws for hooks or wood for cabinets, Doug Ashy has everything you need to get your garage in tip-top shape. Visit your local Doug Ashy store and meet with one of our customer representatives to help plan out the perfect workspace.


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