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Small Home Improvements with BIG Results

Small Home Improvements with BIG Results

Complete home renovation and remodeling can be very overwhelming, and often times you’re not entirely certain on where or how to begin. Luckily, there are many ways to update your home that are both simple and cost effective. Here are just some of the ways you can renovate and add value to your existing home while working with a smaller budget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is the perfect way to update the overall look of your home without breaking the bank. It’s extremely affordable and versatile, and the possibilities are endless. The right color can brighten up a dark room, make a cramped space appear bigger or even add warmth to your home, making it much more inviting.

Have fun with it–incorporate an accent wall, experiment with color and play with various wall stencils to create either a subtle or dramatic effect. Take your cost-effective DIY paint project even further by painting older cabinets instead of replacing them altogether. Mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures to add a personal touch to just about any room in your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


  • Paint

  • Paint brushes/rollers

  • Painters tape

  • Wall stencils (optional)

  • Sandpaper (to smooth/prime old surfaces)

Estimated Cost

Depending on the type of paint (flat vs. high-gloss) $30-$50 per gallon of paint on average

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Switching the lighting concept in your home can go a long way and it’s an ideal option for those looking to make a big change at a reasonable price. Light fixtures can make a bold statement or tie a room together effortlessly. If you’re wanting something fancy, ornate chandeliers would make a perfect addition. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, table lamps, floor fixtures and overhead lights can brighten and modernize any room in the house.

Take your lighting renovation a step further by replacing old switch plates or installing a convenient dimmer to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion!


  • Lighting fixture(s)

  • Light bulbs (if required)

  • Basic tools (drill, screwdriver, hammer, etc.)

Estimated Cost

Anywhere from $100-$200 on average

Update Cabinet Hardware

The cost of a full kitchen or bathroom remodel can really add up, and fast! However, changing the old hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets is inexpensive and requires minimal effort to produce a surprisingly large aesthetic change.

Cabinet knobs, door handles and drawer pulls are available for purchase in countless varieties and designs. You can keep things simple or combine different styles to refresh and transform your space in an easy and generally inexpensive way.


  • New hardware (knobs/handles)

  • Basic tools (screwdriver, screws, etc.)

Estimated Cost

$75 or less on average

Don’t neglect the exterior

The outside of your home deserves as much attention as the inside. Increasing your curb appeal can greatly increase the value of your property while making the exterior of your home more aesthetically pleasing.

Touch up old doors and shutters with weather-resistant, outdoor paint or stains. Make old, weathered columns look brand new by purchasing cheap covers or wraps. Add some flower boxes, do some light landscaping, and experiment with outdoor lighting fixtures to reinvent your entryway and leave a lasting impression with passersby!


  • Outdoor lights/lamps

  • Exterior paint

  • Flower boxes

  • Column covers/wraps

  • Basic tools

  • Ladder

Estimated Cost

Less than $100 for smaller projects

About $150-$200 for larger projects

Big home renovations aren’t the only projects with big results. A bit of elbow grease and know-how is all it takes to achieve elegant results with a minimal budget. When it comes to your home updates, our experts are here to ensure they go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Talk with any member of Doug Ashy’s team of home improvement specialists for more tips to update your home while working within your budget!


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