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Small Closet Space, Big Storage Solutions

Plan Carefully and Choose the Right Materials

Is your closet stuffed to capacity? Do you dream of walk-in closets with floor-to-ceiling shelves? You’re not alone.

If you’ve run out of storage space in your closet, it’s likely that you’re not using the space to its best advantage. Before you consider redoing your entire closet, these tips and tricks can help you maximize your existing space with space savers and DIY solutions to combat your most common closet dilemmas.

Purge and Donate

In order to really assess your current needs, you’ll have to get rid of things you don’t need or don’t use frequently first. Those items that you haven’t worn in five years are not going to magically come back into style. When you purge items that no longer fit, are broken or stained or you haven’t worn, you’ll be clearing space for items you really love. Once the closet is purged, you can clear it out to assess the amount of space you really have.


Everyone wants to have a functioning closet that can be used as a dressing room. While you might not have the space for a walk-in closet, you can still turn your closet into a dressing room. The back of the door often isn’t used to its fullest potential. You can attach the pegboard to the back of it to create a central accessory area while you’re getting dressed. With the use of hooks, you can easily hang handheld mirrors, jewelry, belts, purses or sunglasses up so they’re organized and within reach to finish off your look.

Hanging Rack

If you’d like more space for your shoes, you can use a hanging rack on the back of the door for additional storage. Or use it to hold your watches, clutches, belts or ties. Items that you use on a frequent basis are best so they’re front and center when you get ready in the mornings. Pro tip: rotate your items out each season so you have what you need when you need it.

DIY Shelving

When you create your own shelving, you’re able to make it specific to your exact needs. It can be a shelving unit with different shelf heights to accommodate a mix of large purses, suitcases or even storage cubes to keep certain items together. The important thing is to utilize empty spaces like the section above your door to maximize your closet real estate. For a luxe look, create a statement wall with fun wallpaper and build a shelving unit around your dresser to add depth and personality.

Store Seasonal Items

As you’re planning the look of your dream closet, consider where you’ll put seasonal items. While you can always wear short-sleeved shirts, those shorts and sandals shouldn’t be taking up precious square footage on the rack. A home with high ceilings could benefit from vertical solutions. In fact, you could build high shelves and cabinets and attach a library ladder to it. Don’t be limited by what you see in the stores. You can create any type of closet you want with the right materials at an affordable price.

Slanted Shoe Platform

While flat racks are great for storing larger items, slanted shoe platforms can give the illusion of more walking room and keep your shoe section looking nice and put together. Pick a wood that goes with your other design elements for a cohesive, sophisticated flow that truly elevates the space.

Mirror in the Closet

A great way to maximize space is to add a mirror. It can be attached to the back of the door or in a location that provides ample enough space for an uninterrupted view. It’ll make the closet seem bigger while also making it a more functional dressing room. Being able to try on clothing without having to leave your closet area to see how they look is a huge plus!

Categorize Clothing

One of the easiest ways to be more organized in your closet is to color-code your outfits. It will make searching for a certain color to wear together so much easier so you never have a frantic morning again. Bonus? The rainbow aesthetic it creates is beautiful to look at.

Proper Hangers

The right hangers can make all the difference to an organized closet. If your clothes are always falling off the hanger, opt for velvet hangers so clothes can’t slip off the edges. Polish it up with cohesive hangers throughout in a shade that compliments the rest of your decor.

Folding and Display

A functional organization system for your closet will instantly open up the space and make it a peaceful spot to start your day. A tiny closet that is cluttered and chaotic is an eyesore that will send anybody running for the door. Try rolling your clothes instead of a traditional fold so you can easily see what each item is without having to sift through stacks. The more structured your system is, the more time and headache it will save you.

Remember to always plan ahead before you start building shelves or other organizational pieces in your closet. Our team of home improvement specialists can make recommendations on creating a system that’s uniquely customized for your lifestyle, clothing and accessories. You may want to consider purchasing a quick-assembly style storage solution prior to designing a custom shelving unit to ensure the solution meets your needs and works for you. For more information on storage solutions and custom shelving units, speak with any of our experienced team members today!


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