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New Year, New Home Improvements

The new year is a great opportunity to set resolutions and make changes in your life. Changing things up around the home can be a great opportunity to raise the quality of living you experience on a daily basis. It is also important to take care of repairs around your home if you want to maintain the value of your property. So this year, add some home improvement projects to your list of New Year’s resolutions to keep your home looking fabulous in 2022.

Replace your filament lights with LED lights

When you are looking for lights that will last longer and take up less energy, LED lights are the answer. Many light manufacturers are now switching their chosen materials from filament to LED. Changing out your lights can be a fun afternoon project in which you can involve your whole family. Kids of all ages can help change out light bulbs to help the job go faster.

Create an attic getaway

One of the trendiest things to do in 2022 will be turning your attic into a getaway. This can give your family a whole new place to hang out, watch movies or have game nights. Turning your attic into a place to spend time with your family or a loft bedroom can be a fun project but one that takes a great deal of skill or the help of a professional. You need to make sure that your attic is structurally sound and fully insulated before you begin.

Gravel landscaping features

In modern home design, gravel has been used to give a classy feel to the exterior of a home. Using gravel in your landscaping can also help you to cut down on your water bill each year. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be helping to conserve water.

Add colored stainless steel to your kitchen

Stainless steel has been a mainstay in kitchen design for many years, but the newest trend that is coming about is the addition of colored stainless steel. Replacing your kitchen appliances with colored stainless steel for a modern look that will bring your home into the future.

Home Automation

While home automation may seem like something that is very futuristic and hard to install, you will be pleased to hear that there are many home automation updates that can be completed easily on a Saturday afternoon. There are a wide range of home products, appliances and accessories that can be paired with your smartphone to be monitored and controlled remotely via your mobile device. This addition to your home is sure to add value and ease to your day-to-day activities.

Additional Storage

Unique and compact storage options are great for those who have a smaller space or for many people sharing a home. With deep drawers, cubby systems and stair storage, you will be able to maintain a clean home with everything neatly packed away in the appropriate place.

Ditch the Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Long gone are the days of medicine cabinets in your home. Replacing your medicine cabinet with a statement mirror is the way of the future. There are a myriad of tutorials online that can help to remove your medicine cabinet without damaging your walls. Once you have removed your medicine cabinet, you can add a statement mirror, creating a whole new look to your bathroom.

Refinishing your floors

It’s time to get on top of your old worn out hardwood floors. Refinishing your floors can be a challenging project. You should consult with professionals about the appropriate techniques for refinishing your floors and consider investing or rented the right tools for project. If you’re unsure about completing this project yourself, don’t be ashamed to hire a contractor to take care of refinishing your floors instead.

Make use of outdoor fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are becoming very popular in home design. Not only will you be following the latest trends with fun patterns and colors, but you will also be protecting your furniture from wear and tear. If your outdoor furniture is still in good condition, consider recovering any worn pillows or cushions with new outdoor fabric for a fun, fresh look, and don’t be afraid to mix a little outdoor furniture with your indoor decor.

Give your home some curb appeal

Painting your front door and adding small walkway lights are a great way to add curb appeal to your home while also making it more inviting. Planting a garden can also be a fun family activity that will add a whole new element of beauty to the outside of your home.

This New Year’s, spice up your list of resolutions with some home improvement projects you can complete over the course of the year. There are a ton of simple DIY projects to choose from. We recommend taking a look around your home to get ideas of areas on which you could improve. There’s no pressure! When you’re ready to start on any of your 2022 projects, be sure to stop by one of our locations to check with our team of experienced professionals for tips and tricks to make your project a success!


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