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Latest Tech That’ll Turn Your Home Into a “Smart House”

Latest Tech That’ll Turn Your Home Into a “Smart House”

Technology’s progression each year provides homeowners a myriad of options to really turn a house into a “smart house.” There are an incredible number of products that can free up more of your time by providing convenient solutions to everyday problems. With these devices, you can control, automate and optimize a wide array of functions in numerous appliances. Take a look for yourself – here are our favorite smart-devices that’ll make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

Basically, Amazon Echo acts as the centerpiece for all other smart-technology in your home. This small hub allows hands-free voice control over a wide range of things in and around your house. For instance, music libraries on services like Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music can be controlled with voice and provide crisp, immersive audio that’ll fill any room with premium sounds.

However, Amazon Echo is much more than a music player. This device can answer any question, read audiobooks, provide weather information and so much more. Amazon Echo is compatible with most smart technology brands, from WeMo and Samsung SmartThings to Nest. With this compatibility, lights, thermostats and switches can be controlled simply by your voice.

The incorporation of smart technology into home features has allowed products like Lifx Color 1000 to come to fruition. These smart light bulbs use Wi-Fi as a means of providing colorful light to the home and can be controlled via app or by voice. They can be programmed in seconds with a few quick taps on the dedicated app.

You can select from a wide variety of colors and themes to personalize the bulb. The lighting can also be placed on a schedule to turn off and on, dim or change colors at specific intervals. One example of how these lights work is that they can turn on automatically when you’ve come home. These bulbs can even be controlled from a distance while at work or school.

Stop worrying about manually flipping the lightswitch, getting up to turn the lights on and off or even forgetting to turn off the lights! This incredible smart-tech can really step-up your home’s modern convenience.

For the best indoor security, consider the Nest Smart Cam. This camera is entirely wireless and comes equipped with motion sensing, night vision as well as high-quality audio. Given its wireless capabilities, it’s extremely easy to set up in any room of your home. The Nest app can be downloaded to most smartphone and tablet devices, allowing complete control of the system from anywhere.

The video outputs at a crisp and clear 1080P resolution, so users can be confident that even the slightest of issues will be caught on camera. All sounds from within 20 feet of the camera will be picked up by the receiver. When activity is detected, the camera will send an alert to the device with which its synced. The Nest Smart Cam even features two-way audio functionality which allows you to actually talk to the person in your home, no matter where you are.

The Scout Home Security System is a wireless and easy-to-install system that gives homeowners the ultimate peace of mind. This system can be installed in mere minutes, with each programmable feature being available to quickly set from a smartphone or tablet device.

Any room in the house can be monitored from any location. Sensors are placed in key areas of your home to detect if someone has entered any room within the house and can be monitored on a 24/7 basis. Any alerts are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet that’s synced with the app, and these alerts are fully customizable. If necessary, this system can even grant you remote access to your home!

The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is a simple smoke/carbon monoxide alarm that provides homeowners with numerous smart features. The smoke alarm will periodically test itself to ensure that it’s running properly. If any carbon monoxide or smoke is detected, an alarm will sound and your synced phone, tablet or computer will be immediately alerted.

These alerts will go into exact details about what’s wrong and the origin of the smoke or carbon monoxide. Early warnings will also be given from time to time, to remind anyone in the home of something that could cause a fire. For instance, a warning can be provided when your toast is about to be finished. Once an alarm goes off, it can be silenced from the monitoring device. The user-friendliness of these smoke alarms is incredible and will never get in the way of your daily life.

Technology now allows more convenience in your home than ever before, but even the most convenient homes need regular updates and maintenance. When it’s time for a home project, choose Doug Ashy, choose expertise and choose professionalism. We will help enhance your overall living experience by matching you with the ideal tools and materials for all of your home projects.


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