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Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2017

To remain competitive in today’s home improvement market takes a real edge. One of the most requested home improvement projects involves the kitchen. The ‘heart of the home’ often needs to be updated more than other rooms as the needs of a modern family don’t match the needs of the families of yesteryear when the majority of homes were built. This is where understanding the latest kitchen remodeling trends is handy.

Forget closed off rooms that make you feel boxed in, the open concept floor plan is the way to go. It appears that 2017 is going to be the year for great kitchen remodels. If you want to impress your houseguests with the latest gadgets, gizmos, and design elements, here are the top kitchen remodeling trends of 2017.

Forget White Cabinets – Opt For Gray

White shaker style cabinets have long been an industry standard. However, it appears that this year the standard color is getting some competition. When picking out a cabinet scheme that is cutting edge, consider the color gray. Gray is neutral enough to go with just about anything, and it doesn’t show dirt like white cabinets.

Hydraulics Are A Must

Most American’s watch at least one home improvement show on television. The DIY model is taking over the world. What they see are kitchen drawers that close slowly with ease. They also see large cabinet drawers, that have a missing insert, or that open in an odd way. Who says that a cabinet must always open to the right with the handles on the left?

The way that a kitchen is laid out these days is for functionality. Space conservation is big on the list, so make sure that there are some space saving elements in any of your designs. Think outside the box when doing a kitchen design. Also, hydraulics are a must in any new arrangement.

Go Retro – Black and White Is Back

Remember the old school black and white tiles that were used in the 1970’s through early 1980’s? Well, the black and white classic look is back. Many are pairing these colors for a classic color combination that is sure to please. Not only are they doing the floors in these hues, but black cabinets are also becoming quite the rage. Black shows no dirt and is a great color to match any accent. Everything old becomes new again, and the black and white design pattern is no exception.

Colorful Sinks Are The Rage

Sinks, typically, come in about three color variations, black, white and stainless steel. In 2017, expect to see your favorite hardware store stock their shelves with sinks in all sorts of hues. That farmhouse sink that people can’t get enough of now comes in colors like red, green and even blue. If the kitchen pallet is a bit on the plain side, you can throw in a splash of color in the sink area.

Incorporate Bold Elements

Bigger is always better. When it comes to lighting, drawer pulls, and other hardware, go big. You can make quite an impressive statement when you use a collection of spectacular hardware. From the sink faucet to the lighting above the island, make you can easily make a huge statement with these little touches.

Never Skimp On Storage Space

Even if you are dealing with a smaller space, that doesn’t mean that you cannot do big things with it. Take, for instance, the storage in the kitchen. You really need to think outside the box when it comes to cramped quarters. In some houses, no matter how large they are, you must look up instead of down. Wall shelving and cabinets that serve as multi-functional pieces are vital to small spaces. The goal is to always give as much storage space as you possibly can.

Mix Elements

If your client’s home is done in a modern look with exposed beams, don’t be afraid to throw some rustic flare in there, too. Mixing themes can give the home a one-of-a-kind look. Marrying elements together can really help the space to take on an identity of its own. If the home is an open concept, then you should try to use elements that tie the rest of the home and kitchen together. Space doesn’t have to look like every other room in the home, but the flow should be there.

An Island Is A Must

An island in the center of the kitchen has always been popular, but these days, an island becomes an entertaining hotspot. Be sure to use an island if possible in your design. Provide an ample size that can accommodate many friends and family members. An island provides the perfect space for preparing foods and chatting with friends. Put a sink and stove in a larger island for even more accessibility. Go big and go bold, and make the island the focal point of the room.

The ‘Tuxedo’ Is Quite Popular

While this look isn’t for everyone, a tuxedo kitchen makes quite a statement. The look includes a lighter cabinet on the top and darker ones on the bottom. The most common combinations are white on top and a darker black or walnut on the bottom. It doesn’t work in every home; however, it is a design element that more are requesting these days. The island can have whatever elements the family wants, be it the white or darker color. When constructing a kitchen like this, it is the small elements that will make or break the look. Be careful what you pair with these designs—consider researching kitchen remodeling trends or in home improvement magazines to get ideas for this look.

Shiplap Aka Today’s Paneling

Forget painting those walls, why not shiplap them? Shiplap is a common wood that was used in homes of yesteryear. They used these wood strips and put them sideways on the walls. Today, shiplap is back and bigger than ever. Even many television design professionals are slapping it on walls across the country. The rustic look of this type of room is quite impressive. Also, who wants to do all that drywall work anyway? Shiplap just needs to be painted or sealed for a finished look.

The modern-day homeowner is watching the shows and reading magazines, looking for ideas for their remodel. Stay ahead of the trends by bringing the elements you’re seeing into your own home. There are even options to add new composters and other elements for the “green” family. Talk with any member of Doug Ashy’s team of home improvement specialists for more ideas and tips for making your outdated kitchen Pinterest perfect!


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