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Five Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades for the DIY Homeowner

Five Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades for the DIY Homeowner

New Hardware

The simplest and quickest way to create a sharp new look for old kitchen cabinets is to replace the hardware. Most kitchen cabinets (particularly older or contractor-grade cabinets) tend to have basic, less-flashy hardware. Replacement knobs and pulls can breathe new life into any cabinetry — and won't break the bank either! Options range from as little as $2 per knob, and installation couldn't be easier.

For cabinets that are structurally solid and not in need of full replacement, an inexpensive upgrade option is a fresh coat of paint. When properly prepared, even old cabinets can be made to look practically brand new without difficulty. The process is easy, inexpensive and not very time consuming — so it's an excellent way for a DIY homeowner to make their kitchen look like a whole new room.

Remove Doors

In a classic less-is-more approach, removing the doors from kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a brand new look. Without doors, the cabinets will suggest an open, breezy feel that reinvigorates the room. However, this is an upgrade that requires some commitment. It's very simple to do, but it also means that everything in the cabinets will be on permanent display and therefore, must be kept clean and orderly at all times.

Task Lighting

Changing the interplay of light sources in a kitchen can have a dramatic effect on both the look and the functionality of the space. To that end, adding task lighting underneath cabinets to light up countertops and uplighting above cabinets to create contrast with walls can provide a stunning, modern effect. Adding a dimmer switch to the new lights also will make sure that the kitchen can be bright and ready for work and mellow for showing off to friends and family.

Glass Inserts

For a maximum visual impact, there's nothing like incorporating glass into the design of your cabinets. Adding a glass insert to each door can make run-of-the-mill cabinets look like expensive, custom-designed luxury items. Depending on the design you choose, the glass needed for a typical cabinet door will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 to $25. If you're lucky enough to have cabinets with doors that feature a removable center panel, it's a plug-and-play upgrade. Never fear though, adding glass to solid-panel doors is also possible with just a little more DIY effort.

No matter how you choose to spruce up your kitchen cabinets, you can't go wrong because these updates are sure to yield great returns. The work will add value to your home and provide plenty of enjoyment for years to come. For those with a true DIY spirit, any of these upgrades can be mixed and matched for an even more impressive result.

If we've inspired you to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, come into any of our locations and let our professional staff set you up with the tools and materials you need to turn your kitchen into a space you'll love!


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