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Decked out in TimberTech AZEK

Decked out in TimberTech AZEK

Finding workable, exacting and quality decking materials can be a complex process, but there are ways to ease your search. Whether it’s decking, railing or related materials, Doug Ashy offers AZEK products that provide top-of-the-line materials that are perfect for nearly any outdoor decking project.

Innovative Technology

With their innovative (AAT) Alloy Armour Technology, TimberTech AZEK decking products are made to last. Unlike traditional wood products, AZEK materials are resistant to almost everything from inclement weather to insect infestation, as well as moisture, mildew and mold. In addition, AZEK materials protect against cracking, cupping (inward warping) and other problems and are covered through a 30-year limited warranty and other lifetime limited warranties.

AZEK Deck Offerings

Doug Ashy offers an array of AZEK decking materials, which include their various decking collections that are comprised of Vintage, Arbor, Harvest and TimberTech category selections.

  • Vintage — characterized by its authentic and durable wood appearance; textures are rustic in color yet are natural, compatible and can enliven most any exterior living space.

  • Arbor — defined by its striking and vibrant colors of exotic and tropical hardwoods that include both stain and scratch resistance qualities that are consistent with AZEK decking selections.

  • Harvest — identified by its soft and more classic and traditional color shades that are compatible with the latest in home exterior color choices.

  • TimberTech — classified by its traditional wood texture and feel and its exclusive composite core and four-sided capping, meaning the decking is surrounded and strengthened by protection from moisture that could reach any portion of the decking, including the bottom area.

TimberTech is available in its own separate collections that include:

  • Legacy — consists of varying colors that exist in wood grains and are comparable to traditional hardwood floors. It is another low maintenance and tough material with its composite core and a polymer protective shell that is present on all four sides. It is resistant to moisture, as well as mold and mildew, and requires no yearly staining or sealing. There are seven color selections in Legacy.

  • Tropical — comprised of variegated streaking and alluring wood tones that are immersed in rich color and reminiscent of exotic wood found in the tropics. As a TimberTech material, it also is a low maintenance and a durable product that resists moisture, mold and mildew. It requires no annual staining or sealing. Tropical is available in four color choices.

  • Terrain — color selections are diversified from warm browns and other texturized earth colors to lighter wood grain related hues, such as ash, birch and elm. This collection is one that has natural beauty and harmonizes with nature and has the same great features of toughness that other TimberTech selections have, such as low upkeep, resistance to fading, stains, scratches, moisture, mold and mildew. Five color choice complete the Terrain collection.

  • Classic CompositeReliaBoard — designed for budget-minded consumers and along with being a value, it is a low-maintenance wood composite product that offers toughness, a wood grain texture, resistance to weathering, moisture, mildew and mold, plus it requires no yearly sealing or staining. It is available with a 30-year limited warranty. There are two color selections in ReliaBoard.

AZEK Colors and Textures

AZEK colors and textures run the gamut from natural wood hues to reds, trendy white and grays.

  • Natural wood tones consist of warm browns inspired by various types of wood that are rustic in appearance, deep in color or more subtle in tone. Wood tone color assortments consist of brownstone, weathered teak, mahogany, sandy birch, chestnut, tigerwood and a host of other wood tones that complete any natural setting.

  • Rich, mineral-based reds range in color from cedar, cypress, mountain redwood and more traditional variegated wood colors that blend well with almost any setting and color scheme. Both the exterior of a home and its natural surroundings are complimented with any of the available selections.

  • Trendy colors such as white and gray have been put in the decking mix to not only offer variations on color choices but to give a more textural aspect to decking in the appearance of weathered wood and stone. Colors such as slate gray, whitewash cedar, dark hickory and espresso provide a range of color choices

AZEK Railing

AZEK continues the tradition of a real wood look without the hassle of painting and staining with their railing materials. TimberTech AZEK railings are capped composite products with hidden hardware that utilize PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials and are engineered for durability and strength. Upkeep is minimal, as is the potential of rotting, splintering and peeling. Ease of installation is another plus that makes AZEK railing one of the best systems available. There are four railing collections that are specifically made to complement decking selections that include:

  • Premier has the appearance of real wood in addition to durability and strength. Premier is identified as a classic Victorian style and is available in five colors.

  • Radiance is a more traditional railing that is highlighted by a sculpted top, curved edges, hidden hardware and a smooth profile. It is available in five colors.

  • Reserve railing is a robust railing and is reserved for large spaces on decks, porches and other areas. It is an ultra-wide top railing with caps that make a grand presentation. It is available in white.

  • Trademark railing has clean lines with a colonial contour that presents a quaint yet sophisticated look for both historical and more traditional structures. It is available in white.

  • Radiance Rail Express is similar in profile to that of the traditional Radiance Rail. It has a double top sculpted appearance that is used in combination with post sleeves and balusters. It is available in three color choices.

Doug Ashy offers TimberTech AZEK decking materials that are suitable for most any decking need from high-end selections to more budget-friendly choices. With their convenient, all-in-one system for selecting and ordering for either AZEK decking or other products, Doug Ashy makes it easy to choose the right products for your outdoor decking. Stop by any location or contact us to learn more about our selection of TimberTech AZEK decking materials.


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