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Cabinet Remediation

Cabinet Remediation

Whether you’re considering new top and bottom cabinet units or expensive custom-built versus factory-type custom units, if you’re having to replace your cabinets due to the recent flooding, we’re here to help you find the perfect-fitting cabinets for your home and budget.

With more than 30 years of experience as one of Acadiana’s only certified kitchen designer specialists, Doug Ashy’s resident cabinet design expert Marlon Duhon provided some insight on the do’s and don’ts of cabinet remediation—specifically following a flood or other natural disaster.

Custom-built versus factory-type custom units

While there are pros and cons to both options, there are some things you should keep in mind when deciding on which route to take. Timing is everything. Order with local custom cabinet makers can get backed up quickly—especially with the current circumstance. With such an influx in cabinet orders, it can take four or more months for your custom cabinets to be designed and finished, not including installation time. It’s also important to know where and how your cabinets are being finished. Some custom cabinet providers apply finishes onsite in-home rather than in the shop which could tack on more time for the installation process.

Doug Ashy’s Cabinet Design Center is equipped with a wide selection of high quality factory-type custom cabinets which, once ordered, take approximately three to five weeks to arrive. Just like with custom-cabinets, our cabinet specialists are here to help you design and customize your cabinet units for maximum function, storage and aesthetics. All of our cabinets come with baked-on factory finishes equipped with a protective topcoat, making them much more durable and resistant to chipping, peeling and discoloration over time than their custom-built counterparts. Additionally, our factory cabinets come with at least a five-year warranty on the cabinets and a lifetime warranty on the hardware.

To match, or not to match

Many homeowners affected by the recent floods are having to replace their lower cabinet units due to water damage. Typically, when removing the bottom cabinet units, it is recommended that the accompanying upper units also be replaced in order to ensure that both units match; however, there are a couple ways around this.

If you’re able, save a piece of your damaged lower units—or take a picture of your upper units still intact. Our cabinet specialists will do their best to find a design and finish that closely matches your damaged units.

Alternatively, rather than trying to match the finish, some homeowners are opting to keep their painted top units and simply replace their damaged lower units with stained cabinets, or vice versa. The two-toned cabinet style strikes perfect the balance of traditional charm and contemporary chic—a great choice for your transitional kitchen.

If you are electing to replace both your top and bottom units, visit our Cabinet Design Center to see some of the customizable options available. Whether you’re looking for style similar to your old cabinet units or looking to upgrade your space, our professional design specialists are ready to help you find the cabinets that best suit your home.

A walk through the process

Our cabinet specialists are ready to help you through your entire cabinet remediation process—design, measurements and installation. At our Cabinet Design Center, we have a wide range of high quality cabinet styles for you to choose from and can show you examples of previous projects we’ve completed.

Next, we will walk you through the measurements we need to continue with the design process or, if you prefer, we would be happy to come take measurements in-home accuracy. Once you have decided on a cabinet style and we have accurate measurements for the space available, we can help you to design and customize the layout of your units, taking into account your unique interior and exterior hardware needs and wants. From there, we use an industry-leading design software to create 3D renderings to help you plan and visualize your customized cabinet layout within your home. By providing a full perspective view of your cabinet space, we can quickly make changes and adjustments to your liking, saving you time and money in the process.

We work with you to manage your rebuilding timeline to ensure we place your order at the appropriate time—generally within two weeks of the time you will need them. Once they have arrived at our warehouse and you are ready for installation, our professional cabinet installation team will assemble and install your cabinets in-home.

We want to remind homeowners affected by the flood to be wary of outside cabinet providers who many try to take advantage of your situation. Our cabinet design specialists are ready to help guide you through the remediation process, ensuring the highest quality product at the most competitive price. If you have any questions or are ready to learn more about our cabinet offerings, please visit Doug Ashy’s Cabinet Design Center or call 337.984.2110.


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