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Best Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

Best Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

Over the last decade or so, the bathroom has become more than just a place to wash up and get ready for the day. For many homeowners, it has become a retreat, especially in the master bath where some have transformed this space into a spa-like atmosphere. If you have been holding off on renovating your bathroom because you didn’t care for the minimalistic look of the past several years along with the neutral color palette, 2019 could be the perfect time for you to design the bathroom of your dreams. Here are some of the most popular bathroom trends for 2019.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are all the rage, with stone leading the way. Marble is definitely in, but if a genuine marble vanity or wall isn’t in your budget, try accessories such as soap dishes or trays for an elegant look. Italian terrazzo is also making a comeback thanks to its high-gloss surface. It’s stylish and resilient too, making it an ideal choice for busy family bathrooms. Wood is also popular for everything from coated washbasins to shelves and storage in traditional vanities, even wood-rimmed mirrors. You’ll find a range of shades too, including oak, ash, walnut and pine.

Color Palette

Neutrals, especially white, have been the dominant palette in bathrooms over the last several years. That is beginning to change as deeper colors have begun to increase in popularity. Forest greens in conjunction with greys are popular. The depth of color is also important to the mix as bathrooms are generally a smaller space. If you are inclined toward darker colors, you may be ahead of the curve. The expected trend is for the bathroom palette to become darker over the coming years.

Brass and Goldtone Fixtures

Fancy fixtures are also making a comeback. Look for them in brass and goldtones, which are another feature to make your bathroom more elegant. These warm fixtures are just the right element to add depth and a luxury feel to your bathroom, especially if you are working with a small space. You’ll find brass and goldtones in satin, matte and spun gold finishes to give you a classic feel to any space. This warm tone is not only making a comeback in fixtures. You’ll find it in hardware as well.

Underfloor Heating

Heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning in the dead of winter brings shivers to most people. It doesn’t have to, thanks to radiant underfloor heating. This technology can be included under a variety of floor types such as tile, concrete, vinyl and wood. Underfloor heating systems not only will give your bathroom warmth, but they will also reduce noise levels and play a part in reducing dust in your home.

Don’t Forget the Technology

Bathrooms these days are all about the experience. Even if you don’t want to add a heated floor, you may want to include other perks to make your bath into a retreat. One of the most popular items is a heated rack for towels. Other possibilities include a beverage center, wireless audio and visual systems and other options to make your time in the tub more pleasurable. Temperature adjustments and mood lighting are other possibilities. Pick and choose your perks to match your budget.

Make Your Bathroom Energy-Friendly

If you are remodeling your bathroom, one thing you shouldn’t forget is that energy-saving devices and design that will lower your carbon footprint. Water-saving shower heads are at the head of the list. These are easy to find, simple to install and will save you a ton of money when it comes to your water bill. Dual-flush toilets are another consideration. Adjusting the water flow for each flush will also help you save money and benefit the environment at the same time.

Let the experts at Doug Ashy help you with selecting the best new perks for your bathroom remodel.


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