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2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is on the horizon and if you have ever been to the store with Dad when he is working on a project, you doubtlessly have heard him muse about this tool or that kit that he’s had his eye on, often for a long time. For one reason or another, he hasn’t bought it yet. If you’re looking for a gift to make his day extra special and that he’ll truly appreciate, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite gifts for dad.

DIY Books

Of course, Dad can look up how to do projects on the internet, but if he’s a fan of woodworking or a die-hard hobbyist, there’s nothing like sitting with a book in the evening and reading up on various techniques. Think about what Dad may want to learn more about and buy a book or two on the subject—he may never buy one himself, but he’ll definitely appreciate the nighttime reading about something he loves!

The Big Stuff

Does Dad have a ragtag selection of drills and other small power tools? Does he find it difficult to keep them organized? Consider a variety of tool kits. Cordless kits that come with rechargeable batteries can make easy work of any DIY job and typically include drills, impact drivers, reciprocating drivers and more. A handy contractor’s bag to go along with it allows Dad to easily carry them from job to job or store them when not in use.

A multi-item essential homeowner’s kit is another possibility. Filled with must-have items like a variety of screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, a hammer and other mechanics tools, these kits come in different sizes to fit your budget.

A wet/dry vacuum is another great item that Dad will welcome. Whether cleaning debris from a project or making the grill shiny and new, this versatile tool is perfect in any dad’s arsenal.

Sometimes a wet/dry vacuum isn’t powerful enough for big jobs, but a power washer will be. Look for one that has a variety of nozzles and settings so dad can clean his car, house siding, the driveway, paved walkways and more in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Sometimes a small gadget or accessory is just as good or even better than the big items. Clever tools and handy accessories are often things dad has never thought about but will love when he opens the gift. These items are especially good if you’re on a budget but still want to show your appreciation. These smaller items can help top off a special gift or you can even make a dad-centric gift bag by buying several in tandem:

  • Vampliers to release tough screws

  • Tool bags or tool belts

  • Electronics cleaning putty

  • A Retractable extension cord reel

  • Contractor pen for writing on various surfaces

  • Magnetic nail setter

  • Pegboard to hang tools in workspace or garage

  • Automatic screwdriver

  • Power leveler

  • Zip blade tool

For help with your Father’s Day gift selection, stop by your local Doug Ashy store. Our sales associates will be happy to show you our selection of dad-approved tools and gifts to help you express your appreciation for that important man in your life.


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